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"Frequently asked questions you might want the answer to"
Your meal deal states up to 5 toppings on a large pizza. Why can't I have 5 different toppings on each half?
Although each topping is only 'half', our meal deal agreement is a maximum of 5 different toppings over the entire pizza.

It takes us three times as long to create a pizza with 10 different toppings on, while carefully ensuring toppings stay to their target half to the best of our ability, so although you may argue that there's not more than 5 toppings on your pizza, we could have made 2 more pizzas in that time, therefore, if you have more than 5 different toppings on your pizza (or 3 for a 9" pizza) you will have to pay the associated cost of adding a half-topping.
On your 9" Pizza Meal deal can I have 2 toppings on one pizza and 4 toppings on the other?
Yes you can, however: Our meal deal states a maximum of 3 toppings on each pizza, which means if you have 4 toppings on either pizza, you'll be charged for the extra topping. It makes no difference to us if you have 0, 1, 2 or 3 toppings on one of the pizzas, we cannot allow you to transfer toppings to other pizzas. Our meal deal is priced very competitively and we are unable to change the terms of the deal. You are more than welcome to order the pizzas outside the meal deal and pay considerably more.
What are Pizza Points?
Pizza Points are our own reward system, read more about them here: about 'Pizza Points'
Why won't you accept a cheque?
We do not accept cheques.

We accept most debit and credit cards including paypal for on-line payments or cash at the door, so we see little reason why you cannot pay using another method. If you have a cheque book, then you have a debit card which we can accept over the phone or on-line

The most memorable instance of a cheque issue was when we explained to a customer we couldn't accept a cheque, but we could take their debit card details over the phone. Their reply was "But I haven't got any money in my account".

This is why we don't take cheques.
I haven't got any money / I've lost my (Purse / Wallet). I order all the time, can I pay you tomorrow?
Being a local business having a better relationship with our customers than some 'big' companies, we've been known to do this in the past.

Literally every single time we've done this, the customer has never paid, nor ordered again, due to the fact they know they owe us money.

So no, we will not be doing this again due to losing out on money and customers.

It seems ironic that customers that use us a lot would rather never order again (or leave it 5 years before ordering again, hoping we'd forget) than pay a small amount that we kindly 'lent' them.

So unfortunately, if you find yourself in this situation, as much as we may like to help, it's not finacially viable for our company to hand out loans or credit to customers.
Can I book a delivery for a certain time?
Yes, of course. All we ask is that you allow 15 mintutes either side of the requested time to allow us to continue delivering other orders.

We try our best to get as close to the resqueted time as possible.

If you cannot be available until after a certain time, that's also not a problem. For example, you could request your order for about 6.30 but not before. In this situation we would ask you to expect your delivery between 6.30 and 7, to allow us to forfill other deliveries.

The ability to book a time slot will be coming to our online ordering system in the near future
You close at 10pm but your online ordering system stops taking orders earlier. Why?
We do indeed close at 10pm as a rule.

Sometimes our staff don't finish until 11pm or later, but we stop taking orders at certain times to allow us to leave the kitchen in a satisfactory state for the next shift.

Online orders usually stop at 9:30pm because after this time the staff are tidying up more than preparing food, this means whilst washing up and cleaning, they cannot be available to keep an eye on the computer screen for online orders.

We usually continue to take orders over the phone until 10pm depending on location but this is not guaranteed.

We reserve the right to close early if we want to, for any reason. As mentioned above, sometimes the staff get out far later than their finishing time. To balance this out, we will sometimes close early when it's not as busy.
Can I swap items in meal deals?
Sorry the answer is no.
Meal deals are a special price because of the exact items that are on them.
We spend a great deal of time calculating cost to bring you deals with the maximum savings.
Our new 'meal deal select' is an excellent deal that gives you much more of choice, but still offering great value.
Why do you insist on taking my telephone number?
We need a telephone number in case we discover something is out of stock after taking your order, we can ring you back and give you the chance to reselect

Some addresses, especially those with house names rather than numbers can be hard to find.
Our drivers may give you a call if they're unsure of where exactly you are, or if they're having trouble finding you.
This speeds up the delivery process, and helps iron out any potential problems.

Security. If you have ordered from us before there won't be any problems.
While we're sure making prank orders to pizza delivery companies is both hilarious and satisfying, we do our best to iron out those prank orders and only deliver the genuine ones, to you. This saves us wasting food and time, which means we can get your orders to you on time at our fantastic prices.

For all the above reasons please ensure we can contact you on the telephone number you give us. If we try to contact you and cannot get through, we may be unable to deliver your order.
I ordered over an hour ago, where is my order?

We get asked this question more times than we would like.
Fortunately this isn't true most of the time.

We understand you're hungry and may want to check up on your delivery. Not a problem, but before making statements to do with waiting time please check what time you ordered first

It may feel like an hour to you. It feels like 10 minutes to us, but it's probably not.

We run a state of the art bespoke computer system that handles all orders. From this we know exactly when the order was made, the estimated delivery times given and, still under trial using driver tracking equipment, we even know where exactly our drivers are!

When in use our driver tracking equipment tells us where our drivers are, where and when they've stopped, and how long for.

From this information we can tell you that over 80% of our orders are delivered before the estimated delivery time, and 95% delivered before the end of the estimated delivery time

Please allow for uncontrollable circumstances such as simple human error, miscalculation, traffic, bad weather, etc.

If we've given you an estimated 30 minute wait, and it arrives at 35 minutes, this is perfectly acceptable to us.

We note these 'later than expected' deliveries and use this information to provide more accurate times in the future. Our area features many complicated roads, which can be unpredicatble.

Unfortunately over the years many speed limit changes have been introduced and every time they do this, it makes your wait longer for delivery. Even if you don't live in the effected areas of speed limit changes and similar, we still have to drive through them on a regular basis, increasing our delivery times to other areas, therefore increasing your delivery time.

We do not accept verbal abuse and vicious claims of "I ordered over an hour ago" when your order is still within the estimated delivery time given at the time of order.

Sometimes we have issues beyond our control that can affect delivery times. When those situations occur we deal with them on a case-to-case basis.

Please be nice if you call. We don't reward rude people, however polite people have been known to get some freebie's now and again.

Finally, estimated delivery times are only estimates. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather, road conditions and, on rare occasions mechanical break down of vehicles or equipment, so if you find yourself in under 5% of orders that may be later than estimated, please give us an extra couple of minutes before ringing.