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"Advertise on our website for a small monthly fee"
Why are we selling advertising?
We have decided to sell some space on our website to local businesses to give you the chance to generate more leads and get more sales.

We want to support good, local businesses and since our operating area is quite defined, the majority of the visitors to our website are local, and potentually your customers too.
Why advertise with pizza Island?
Every month our website is getting more and more unique visitors, with May 2014 getting over 4500 unique visitors.

We think this would make a perfect platform for local businesses to advertise and improve their own brand awareness.

We spend a lot of money advertising our website online, so every click we bring in is a potential hit on your website too.
How do I advertise with Pizza Island?
We are only displaying a set number of adverts on our website. We do not wish to fill the website up with adverts, but are allowing space for a select few adverts.

If all our advertising space is full, once you are approved* you will go in to a waiting list, once we have a slot available you will be approached to see if you'd like to take the slot. If you don't take the slot it will be handed down to the next interested party.

If you would like to sign up to take an advertising slot on our web page please fill in the form below.
What do I get?
You will get a static advert on our main website.

By static we mean it will always be displayed on the page. The order in which the adverts are displayed randomly to keep it fair for all our advertisers. Since the content of the page changes dynamically it will be more likely repeat visitors notice your advertisement.

We will keep statistics on how many times your advert is clicked, so you can review if your advert is working or not.

If you don't have an advert or have the means to design an advert we will help you to design one that fits in the space provided. (Free, with a 3 months minimum package, otherwise a design charge will apply)

We will not display conflicting adverts. If your advert is approved and displayed, we will not accept another advert that may interfere with yours.
Please Note:
* We will vet all applicants and only accept those who we approve of and feel will benefit from advertising on our website.
Payment and costs
We will be selling blocks of advertising in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month blocks.

Purchasing for 12 months will see the best value at just £10 Per month, the pricing is as follows:

1 month : £20
3 months : £45 (£15 per month) - save 25%
6 months : £72 (£12 per month) - save 40%
12 months : £120 (£10 per month) - save 50%
Application Form
If you'd like to advertise on the Pizza Island website please fill in ALL in information below.

Incomplete applications may not be processed.

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