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Known Issues
  • None at present. Seen an issue? Report it via our contact page and if it's the first we've heard of it we'll give you a discount on your next order!
What's next?
  • We're working on live updates once your order has been placed, notifying you of any changes to the status of your order once they happen.
  • We're working on the ability to book a time slot for your delivery
  • We're intending on expanding our games section, giving you more to do and more chances to win discounts and free items
  • We're working on the 'forgot password' module so any of you who have forgotten your login can get back in
New Feature - 1th September 2014
We now have a text messaging service, still under experimentation to keep you updated on your order.
New Feature - 8th August 2014
The Burger Builder is here! Click on the name of your burger to enter the builder. Lots of customisation options.
New Feature - 29th July 2014
The online ordering system will now calculate for multiple meal deals
Maintenance - 29th July 2014
A few more bug fixes - we were still charging the old meal deal price under certain circumstances due to a bug. This has been fixed.
Maintenance - 26th July 2014
We found a bug in the calculation of discounts when using voucher codes and 'Pizza Points' to discount your order. If the order total was going below the meal deal threshold the meal deal discount wasn't being calculated. We believe to have fixed this issue now.

We've fixed a known bug calculating voucher discounts incorrectly in the customers favour.
New Feature - 19th July 2014
We've implimented what we have named our 'busyness indicator'. You can see it in the top of the slide down panel positioned at the top right of the online ordering system.

It tells you an estimation of our current 'busyness' status. Based on a calculation of current orders we have in, it's designed to give you a more accurate idea of what our delivery times may be. There are a lot more factors that a computer system cannot take in to account but it's certainly a good indication of how busy we are.

This feature is very new and will be tweaked over time to give more accurate results. There are plans to expand on this further to be even more accurate.
Maintenance - 18th July 2014
We found a bug that we missed in testing stopping people getting to the checkout. It's fixed now. Sorry about that.
New Feature - 17th July 2014
We've implimented a new feature today, allowing you to mark your location on a map. Especially handy for those hard to find deliveries we'll be able to be much more efficient if you mark your location.
New Feature - 14th July 2014
Once you've placed an order, you'll be given the chance to play our 'higher/lower' game to win discounts and free items.
How many attempts will it take you?
Maintenance - 8th July 2014
We believe we've ironed most of the bugs in the meal deal calculations, if you have any issues let us know via the contact form on the website.

We're still aware of a bug where in some cases it's charging our old meal deal price. We will change these prices manually on order confirmation. Please note: The system still only calculates 1 meal deal at this time, we're still working on the update for this
Maintenance - 7th July 2014
We're still working on some nice new features. We're ironing out some bugs in the meal deal calculations - related to old saved orders. This should be fixed on our next maintenance tomorrow.
Maintenance - 4th April 2014
We have changed the way our system works so you can only place one order per session. We have had a few cases where duplicate orders have been sent, and it has caused confusion for both us and our customers.
Maintenance - 28th February 2014
We have fixed a problem with some order confirmation emails not making it to peoples inboxes, we've moved all confirmation emails over to the new system so should not have this issue any more.
Maintenance - 1st February 2014
Our 'meal deal calculator' will calculate your meal deal discount as you add items to your order.
Maintenance - 1st January 2014
We have improved our live stock checking service to help eliminate problems with items being out of stock
Maintenance - 26 - November 2013
Maintenance went as planned and you now have the ablilty to spend pizza points and redeem voucher codes. We've also fixed the problem with some users (mainly AOL accounts) not getting their registration mails.
Maintenance - 11 - November 2013
Maintenance went as planned and you can now have your orders delivered to alternate addresses.